One-on-one or small group (2-4 persons)

  • You wanna deepen your understanding about alignment in order to sustain or enhance your state of health?
  • You wanna be able to adapt positions in a way that enables you to practice Yoga despite of ailments, tensions, trauma or muscle imbalances?
  • You wanna confront physical, emotional, mental and spiritual challenges and learn how to cope with fear, stress and excessive demands?
  • You wanna build up confidence for practicing in a group?
  • You have questions concerning certain poses and wanna work on them in-depth on a small scale?

Whether you are a beginner with loads of questions and insecurities or an experienced yogi – this is the perfect opportunity for you to deepen your practice and tailor Asanas to YOUR interests and needs. Thereby you can enhance your integrity and confidence.

Come and find out what frees your mind, body and spirit. Using techniques from Yoga, physiotherapy, Thai Yoga Massage and energy work, we support you on YOUR way. You have our undivided attention.


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Physical movement and a healthy posture often fall by the wayside in our daily work routine. However it is important to realise that health is not just a topic for the time off work.

Whether it is a noontime chair Yoga session at the office, a workshop at an event or an incentive wellness retreat or ergonomic workplace design – Yoga for Business strengthens the own backbone and refreshes collaboration.

Yoga for Business …

  • supports the physical, mental and emotional wellbeing.
  • improves concentration and focus and thereby the performance and productivity of employees.
  • promotes drive, will power and motivation.
  • helps keeping a clear head in demanding situations.
  • refines awareness and unfolding the full potential.
  • helps us feeling refreshed and let’s us go on working more easily.


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