Yoga Etiquette

Frequency of Yoga practice

How often shall you practice Yoga? In order to experience the benefits of Yoga it is important to practice on a regular basis. We recommend at least three times a week.


First time at the studio

Please come at least 15 minutes before the start of the class for registration, payment and settlement of questions. If you come earlier, your body and mind can adapt to the following class better. Your Yoga practice starts at the moment you enter the studio. Take off your shoes and switch off your mobile.


Being late

We close the studio with the beginning of the class. If you’re late, please visit the next class.



Come in light, comfortable clothing that gives you space to move. No shoes. No socks. Bring a small towel. We have mats, blocks, rolls and straps in our studio which you can use at no charge. You can bring your own skid-proof mat (no thick gym mat) if you wish.


Eating & drinking

We recommend to not eat any “heavy” food within two hours before the start of the class. Drink a lot of water during the day. You can also bring your own water bottle to the Yoga room.


Sickness & Injuries

Please let us know before the class starts if you have any injuries or ailments (neck and back problems, joint injuries, glaucoma, heart issues, high blood pressure, recent surgeries) or if you are (possibly) pregnant. If you have any health issues you have to consult a physician before you can practice Yoga with us.



Yoga is for everyone – also if you are pregnant. Some poses have to be adapted or substituted. Your baby and you can benefit from a regular practice. Especially focusing on deep breathing is nourishing for you and your unborn child.



Don’t practice if you are under the influence of alcohol, drugs or strong medication (also pain killers) as these substances influence your awareness which might lead to hurting yourself while you are doing Yoga.


Hygiene & Perfume

Please come to the studio fresh and clean – especially your feet should be spick and span.
Our studio is a perfume-free zone – please do not wear perfume, deodorant or strong-smelling clothes.